Happy Easter~ <3

Hello guys 🙂

its a month since i wrote the last time ^^;

I was in Hannover and got many cheap cotton for my Cosplay ❤ so luck~

but I still spend over 100 euro ><; its so much money..hahaha 🙂

So how was your Easter holidays? I worked all holidays >< and it was almost every day snowing D:

but now it seems that maybe the spring is coming 🙂 the whole day was sunny today ❤


well this week will be nice 😉 because at its end i have my free wekend!! wuhuu~


Well then starting today I want to try out the MikuMikuDanke (MMD) program!

Do you know it? If yes maybe you can help me? m(_._)m onegai~ it seems so difficult D:

well i already can let Miku jump, stomp and kick xD ah and sitting down! But I dont know how to move her arms or hands or head or such >.>

and i dont know how to save the motion and how to play them…

Well then later i will write a post of the ps3 games which I bought this month =(^.^)=


See you later~ (^__^)//


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